If you're eager to begin your indoor cycling game and build your fitness, you're in the right place.

My 12-week indoor cycling plan is here to take you from bike newbie to cycling champ while making the journey fun and doable.

What makes this plan stand out:

Gradual progression: Starting a new fitness routine can feel intimidating, and that's why I’ve divided this plan into three phases over 12 weeks. We’ll kick off with quick 10-minute rides, gradually extending your saddle time as your endurance builds.

No time? Not a problem: In the initial weeks, you'll only need to carve out 35 minutes a week. So even with a hectic schedule, you can easily make room to ride. As you progress, I’ll gently nudge you to spend around 2 hours a week on your bike in the final phase.

Comfort boost on your bike: I’m all about setting you up for success. That’s why this plan ensures that you'll feel at ease and self-assured on your bike by the end of the 12 weeks.

Bolster your endurance: By weeks 9 through 12, you'll be ready to tackle those longer rides, feeling at home on your bike for an hour.

Are you ready to take your indoor cycling to the next level? Let’s get rolling today!