Are you brand new to running but feeling lost amidst the sea of beginner running training plans? Those first steps can feel like navigating a maze. And the uncertainty of how to start running can be a major obstacle.

But no more because this 12-Week Beginner Runner Training Plan is here for you.

✨GOAL✨: This plan is designed to guide you from your initial steps to confidently running non-stop for 30 minutes.

Let’s talk about the benefits you’ll get with this plan.

  • Running gear guide: From picking the perfect running shoe for you to the essentials every runner should have, we’ll talk about the running gear you need to make your runs comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Stave off injuries: Running can throw a few challenges your way, including potential injuries. We’ll dive into how to navigate these hurdles to keep you sailing through your running journey without injury.
  • Running motivation: Running motivation can be a rollercoaster. Some days, you’ll feel like you could run forever, while others, even a short workout may seem like a mountain to climb. I’m here to guide you through those days when motivation takes a back seat.