Are you ready to hop back on your bike and need some guidance on re-starting?

When you’re coming back to cycling after a long break—whether that break was months or years—you can get back to it, and the good news is, you won’t be starting from scratch.

Some studies suggest that your muscles retain their adaptations to training for quite some time, which can mean a faster return to cycling after a long break.

You’ll still need to rebuild your cycling fitness gradually to avoid an injury, and that’s where this return to cycling training plan can help.

Your journey back to cycling is unique to you, so we’ll start where you are with your current fitness and guide you through what to do each week with mini goals to aim for each week.

In this return to cycling training plan, you’ll also get:

  • Four Essential Cycling Tips: You’ll find cycling tips that will guide you through potential challenges and help you manage your return to cycling.
  • High-Intensity Cycling Workouts (HIIT): HIIT workouts will keep things interesting and challenging while boosting your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Guide to Adjusting Your Cycling Workout: Your progress will vary and this guide will help you decide when and how to adjust your workouts to tailor your training to meet your needs.
  • Strength Training Moves: Cycling isn’t just about the legs; it requires strength and stability throughout your whole body. That’s why this plan gives you strength training moves that complement your cycling routine.